Hvad så?
Ca va?
Wie gehts?

I'm Oliver - a web and mobile developer currently helping solve the global packaging problem as a Senior Software Developer at LivingPackets in Berlin.

Prior to moving to Berlin I was embedded within ther Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation in Sierra Leone, on secondment by the Tony Blair Insitute for Global Chage.

I previously also worked with clients such as BCC, Amazon and Nestle at the digital innovation consultancy Hi Mum! Said Dad in London, and I have a first-class Bachelor and Master of Engineering from the University of Cambridge.


In my day to day work, I use a number of tools to design, build and deploy useful products for clients. These include:

  • Modern React with hooks to create SPAs for the web.

  • Typescript - once you go TS, you don't go back...

  • Zustand is my go-to state management library, but I have worked with Redux and self-created React Context solutions as well.

  • Ionic React and React Native for native application development.

  • Django and Flask for server-rendered web applications, and Django REST Framework to provide APIs for SPAs to consume.

  • Postgresql and MySQL for database operations.

  • Heroku, Git and AWS for deployment and DevOps

  • Figma to create rapid UX/UI prototypes.

What I do for fun (other than code...)

  • Cycling 🚴🏽 - I'm a part of Rapha Cycling Club in Berlin

  • Running 🏃 - I hope to do at least one marathon a year!

  • Bouldering 🧗‍♂️ - I started doing this in Sierra Leone, and I'm hooked!

  • Listening to Podcasts - My personal favourites atm are SyntaxFM and the React Podcast