Arclight Medical App - Telemedicine Eye Care Prototype

📅 August 01, 2020

⏱️2 min read

The Arclight App Project is a prototype telemedecine system built by myself, based around the Arclight Device - a portable opthalmascope which can be attached to a smartphone to record medical videoes of the eye.

The initial premise was that the App would allow community health workers in remote locations in developing countries to carry out eye examinations using their smartphone, which would be sent to doctors in another location for diagnosis.

The system consists of the following parts:

  • A PostgreSQL database and secured AWS S3 Buckets for storing patient information and video recordings.
  • A API built using Django and Graphene, which handles CRUD operations sing GraphQL and the uploading of new video recordings.
  • A native app built using React Native, which allows examiners to sign in and carry out a new examination by recording a patient's eye using the Arclight Device.
  • A web app built using React, which allows doctors to view and diagnose past examinations.

A prototype was successfully created, which allows for the entire e2e examination process to be simulated:

  • The React Native app allowed videos to be recorded with variable zoom and focus. New patients could also be added via the app, and patients could add their e-signature as an approval step.
  • Videos were uploaded securly uploaded to an private S3 bucket, which the doctors would then be able to view using the web app
  • Examiners and doctors could carry out a discussion regarding the video using the native and web apps, to reach a final diagnosis.
  • A data infrastructure was setup to restrict examiners to only access patient records belonging to their facility, while doctors could access all patient records.

The system has be pitched at several innovation competitions in the UK, and is currently being used for a Master's thesis by a medical student at the University of St Andrews.

The source code for the system can be found here: