Partners in Health Sierra Leone - Visitor Approval System

📅 September 01, 2019

⏱️1 min read

This was a pro-bono project which I carried out for the Sierra Leone team of the NGO Partners In Health (PIH). PIH is an international organization, and hence the team often receive visitors from abroad.

The senior management team (SMT) at PIH Sierra Leone had been struggling with keeping track of these visitors - when they were arriving/leaving, who was taking care of them and how the expenses were being handled - a problem which could have both financial and security implications.

As a result, I built a Django application which allows the management team to better keep track of visitors. The application uses a MySQL database, and is hosted on Heroku.

The system allows PIH employees to submit an request for a visit - outlining the names of visitors, the purpose of the visit and the nature of any expenses associated with the trip.


Once submitted, the request is sent to the SMT users, who can either approve or reject the request. Once the request is approved, the tool allows SMT users to track the progress of any outstanding actions that followed from the requests. These actions could be the arrangment of activities/transportation/accomodation for the visitors, or the reimbursement of expenses.


If a action has not been assigned to a user, the submitter of the request or someone from the SMT first has to assign those actions.


Actions need to be marked as organized either by SMT users, or by users who have been assigned to the action.


Once all actions are marked as completed, any outstanding reimbursements also need to be reported as repaid.

While developing the system, I worked very closely with stakeholders, to ensure that the tool fits their exact needs and requirements. As such, the SMT at PIH Sierra Leone were very satisfied with the end product.

The team is currently trialing the tool, and plan to roll it out across the organization in 2020.

The GitHub repo for the tool can be found here